“A few years ago, I benefitted greatly from working with Mandy on a weekly basis for about a year. I had a tough combination of situations, because my eldest sibling had recently died too young of illness; my widowed father living hours away in my hometown was slipping into dementia; and my high-school daughter was experiencing extreme mental and emotional challenges, including an eating disorder and multiple hospitalizations. I recall crying through most of my first session with Mandy. The problems of my life felt like way too much.  

Mandy did not solve my problems . But through her calm wisdom, she helped me see things differently. I gradually learned how to frame the challenges, so I could start to see my way around them. While there was only so much I could do – I could choose to look at things differently. Her work with women of my daughter’s age, was invaluable in allowing me to learn about pressures and strains to which I was unattuned. In a funny way, through Mandy I learned from folks I never met, as she could share some situations and strategies of other patients and parents.

Perhaps the most important thing I learned from Mandy, was always to try and remember to take a deep breath and my own sweet time in responding to a provocative or escalating situation. A true gift.”

                                       -A FORMER CLIENT

“As a board-certified internal medicine physician, it's easy to appreciate the gross deficits in conventional medicine, particularly in disease prevention and management.  My practice has since shifted toward a more functional and integrative approach focusing on optimizing human physiology and performance.   While this space offers more targeted and eloquent diagnostic and therapeutic modalities, understanding and addressing human behavior remains paramount.  Mandy’s background in social work along with a systems biology approach to brain health is crucial in implementing therapy.  Coordinating counseling through Mandy helps reinforce positive behavioral changes offering patients greater confidence in achieving their goals. Whether starting with an existing diagnosis, subjective anxiety or depression, or from a state of well-being, Mandy’s disarming demeanor and insight can help fuel efforts toward optimal health.”

                                       -A COLLABORATIVE PHYSICIAN

Mandy brought insights to our sessions that changed the way I framed my role in relationship to my partner, but more so to the way I observe myself day to day.  She offers thoughtful frameworks that stay with you and has a way of subtly accentuating areas where I need to devote more effort - my communication style has improved as a direct result.  I find our conversations to be growth oriented versus analytical.  I’m able to gain confidence in being present and have learned a lot just from experiencing how she listens. 

                                   -A FORMER CLIENT

 I don't think this fully captures my appreciation of our work together, but here's my testimonial:

I have worked with Mandy for close to a decade now, and I have used her support to work through countless life transitions. Mandy has been a key witness for all of my personal growth in this time. I am so appreciative of her consistent support and feedback as I've shifted from struggling to pick up needed coping skills to now feeling more grounded in a maintenance phase of my mental health. She has also shown me the value of self-care, self-advocacy, and challenging negative thought patterns. Needless to say, I highly recommend working with Mandy! 

                              -A FORMER CLIENT

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