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  • After completing my Master's in Clinical Social Work at Virginia Commonwealth University, I became a Licensed Clinical Social worker and have spent the last 20 years working with individuals, families, and groups in addressing mental, emotional,  & relational health.  I am passionate about seeing others content in their relationship with themselves, spilling over into relationships with others in a positive way.   Staying current on the new, emerging research on brain health is pivotal in my practice  as well as use of art, music, & nutrition in improving brain & overall health. 
  •  After working for 5 years on Temple University campus, I became specialized in the specific stressors young adults and their families face during the transition in and out of college.  While this time is often associated with freedom, fun & independence, it can also come with onset of mental or behavioral health issues.  I view my services as an investment in your current mental-emotional-physical-financial health as well as your future personal and professional relationships. 
  •  I am able to offer tele-counseling services to allow flexibility & accessibility for young adult clients and they can choose to include their family & support system in sessions from a different location.  You DO NOT have to spend excessive time or money to create lasting, positive changes which leads me to partner with clients to provide an effective, efficient service.  I have some clients who prefer long term, consistent care to unpack unresolved childhood issues & cope with on-going family stress.  I have other clients who prefer 6-8 sessions to build skills and transition to a maintenance level of care.  What you invest at this early stage in life, you will save in health care costs in the future.  

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Contact me if you're interested in investing in yourself or offering the gift of self-care for the high school or college graduate in your life.  Free phone consultations offered! (484) 416-0527      [email protected]

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Philadelphia , PA for in office visits or Tele-counseling from any location.

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